Locate a B&B by Trail

There is nothing like the outdoors with its fresh air, gorgeous scenery, and the sense of discovery you feel when exploring those seldom-visited locations.  And there is no better way to experience all of this than by hiking one of the many trails that wind through the beautiful state of Illinois.

Whether you want to visit a State Park or follow along one of the nearly hidden routes of our ancestors, each and every region of our state boasts its own paths through a variety of different landscapes.  Walk along paved or flat paths, zig-zag your way up to a stunning vista, ramble through the forest, stroll along a beach, or sweep your way through grasslands – we have it all.  From easy strolls to challenging terrain, Illinois has the perfect path to let you fully enjoy hiking in the great outdoors!

Please select a trail below to find both information about that trail, and the Illinois Bed & Breakfast Association member inns that are located in the area.

Choose from a variety of trails throughout Illinois for a great adventure and vacation memories.